Odessa resident wants to inspire people with disabilities through gaming

Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 5:45 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Caleb Griffiths was 18-years-old when he was diagnosed with a tumor on one of his eyes.

The tumor left him legally blind, but it ignited a passion for videos games.

Griffiths was told by doctors that he didn’t have anything wrong with his eye, but when the pain got to the point where he couldn’t go outside, he knew something was wrong.

He spent 8 months without leaving his home and when he did want to go outside, he had to wake up at 5 in the morning so his eye could get use to the low light.

Due to the tumor, Griffiths lost his left eye, and is legally blind.

During that time, there was one thing that helped him get through the pain. Playing video games.

" I really turned to video games where I wasn’t in the eye. I can sit behind the screen and no one else would know, any disability that I had or anything that I was going through, it was kind of like I can be what I wanted to be,” said Griffiths.

Griffiths played sports like ice hockey and soccer at a young age, but after being diagnosed with a tumor, he says it was difficult to get back into doing physical sports.

So he decided gaming would be his new sport.

“I would really like to become like a mentor for other kids in the esports arena who otherwise wouldn’t have anyone to go to or ask a question or see, somebody did it, so I can do it to,” said Griffiths.

Griffiths says his dream as a kid was to get into sports broadcasting and says he would’ve been doing something else instead of getting involved in gaming.

He says he found something he loves and wants to continue to inspire others.

“I’m living proof that something did come from that, you know there are things you can do in video games and I’m truly glad that I have the opportunity that I do now to do something that I love that I never knew I would be able to,” said Griffiths.

Griffiths was also in the U.S. Paralympic ice hockey team back when he was 18 and living in Virginia.

After a year of being on the team, he moved to Texas, where he now has a job as a commissioner for the XP league coming to West Texas.

Griffith says he wants to be an inspiration to those who have disabilities and feel like they can’t do much in life, and he plans to turn the new XP league in Midland into a brand and expand to all of West Texas.