Monahans residents furious over removal of tombstone decorations

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 6:47 PM CDT
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MONAHANS, Texas (KOSA) -Monahans residents are outraged after they found out about the removal of items from their loved ones tombstones.

“I mean if the city don’t want to take care of my dads grave, don’t do it, I’ll do it my damn self. I will do it that’s fine, it’s not a big deal,” said Monahans resident, Priscilla Garcia.

Last night Monahans residents saw a Facebook post in which there was flowers, teddy bears, personal items, candles, all put into piles at the Monahans Memorial Cemetery.

Witnesses say there was hundreds of people that went to the cemetery once they saw the Facebook post to collect personal memoirs from the piles.

Aaron Carter, who’s a Monahans native, says he had to dig through piles of items to find the rope given to him by his brother.

“Me and my brother we actually roped together he was my only partner and I actually quit roping when he passed and that was the last rope and first rope he had ever given me. So it’s something very sentimental and I really keep it close to me,”

CBS7 spoke to Monahans mayor Adam Steen, who says yesterday’s incident was “unfortunate” and the reason for removing the items from the tombstones was to cut the grass.

He also says city code requires any placement of items to be at ground level or connected to the tombstones, anything else is prohibited.

Garcia, who’s father has been buried at the cemetery for two years, says all this could’ve been avoided.

“Put the word out there you know it’s gonna get out there. We would’ve come and picked up all this stuff and put it away so it’s not thrown away like it’s useless, worthless stuff. This is sentimental stuff to us. it’s very hurtful to see,” said Garcia.

Most of the residents we spoke to say they’re very upset with the city of Monahans and say some may even take legal action.