Thriving United hosts first annual Big Texas Rally for Recovery

Thriving United hosts first annual Big Texas Rally for Recovery
Published: Sep. 24, 2022 at 4:54 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - September is National Recovery Month, and today to honor those in addiction or mental health recovery, Thriving United of Midland held their Big Texas Rally for Recovery at the Yucca Theater.

This was the first time the rally was held in Midland and President of Thriving United, Pat Brown said they look forward to this becoming an annual event.

“We’re part of a recovery movement we’re trying to connect with the community raise awareness and get help to people, have a place for people to come in,” Brown said.

Thriving United is an non-profit organization formed 3 years ago, their mission is to meet people where they are and connect them to recovery.

Today was one of the six cities to host this rally, with rallies being held in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and El Paso.

Co-founder, Jennifer Priddy Brown, said they help people with all forms of addiction.

“It can be recovery from any kind of disorder that has made our lives unmanageable anything that we’ve used to fix ourselves externally whether it be drugs, alcohol, food, shopping gambling you name it,” Priddy said. “If you’re picking up something outside of myself to fix the inside then it can make my life unmanageable.”

They provide many programs including recovery residences, peer support, transform, and many others.

Brown said they’re here in community to help and today was a fun way to provide the necessary resources.

“It’s what we do, people with lived experience we help other people find a way to get into recovery and find the resources they need,” Brown said. “Because it’s one thing just to try and get clean or stop drinking but you must rebuild your life, so we help heal and rebuild lives.”

September 30 is International Day for Recovery Month.

Thriving United aims to create a community of empowered and recovered people, more information can be found here.