Crane resident celebrates her 100th birthday this weekend

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 6:32 PM CDT
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CRANE, Texas (KOSA) -A Crane resident is days away from turning 100-years-old, but she isn’t the first in her family to reach this milestone.

Sammy Bell Lane is accompanied in her home in Crane by her children. She raised her kids in Crane and now it’s their turn to take care of her.

Sammie Bell Lane is going to be the second person in her family to reach 100. Her sister, reached 100 years and 10 days two years ago before she passed away, and Lane’s mother passed away at the age of 92.

She’s been living in crane for 77 years, and in that time, had 15 kids. Most of which are still in Texas.

Lane says when she’s feeling bad, she likes to worship toward higher powers.

“Sometimes, and sometimes I don’t (feel good). But for most of the times, I feel good. and a lot of the times I don’t, I just take it to myself and I’ll prey about it,” Lane said.

Lane’s husband, Jack Lane, lived a long life. He was 96 when he passed away two years ago, and Lane says they’ll meet again.

“But I still miss him like it was yesterday and I know when this life is over, he’s gonna be my husband,” said Lane.

Three of their children have passed away, and only one lives outside of Texas.

The majority of her children live in West Texas, and they have a system they call “angel watch”.

This system is implemented into their family so that at every moment, at least one of her children is there to take care of her.

“This woman, I came from and now I get to take care of her and that makes me feel really really good. That I get to do that and I want to do that,” Daughter of Sammie Lane Carolyn Simpson-Lane said.

Their brother Ellis Lane, says he’s proud that his sisters were able to take care of their mom instead of sending her to a nursing home.

He also is involved in their system to take care of their mom. he takes care of his mother all night twice a week.

The Lane family says Sammie Lane is the rock that hold their family together.

Sammie Lane has 68 grand children, 110 great grandchildren, 82 great great grandchildren, and 15 great great great grand children.

This Saturday, they’ll be celebrating her 100th birthday at the crane county exhibition building.