Rep. Brooks Landgraf fights for West Texas oil and gas

The EPA announced its intention to consider redesignating the Texas portion of the Permian Basin
Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 2:39 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - The EPA announced its intention to consider redesignating the Texas portion of the Permian Basin as a “non-attainment” area meaning an area that does not meet the standards of the 2015 ozone national ambient air quality standards.

If finalized, this proposal would require the state to implement a plan to bring the area into attainment. Meaning regulations would need to be put in place to keep the Permian Basin compliant with air quality standards. But that would ultimately result in further regulatory burdens on the oil and gas industry in the Permian Basin that could slow production and reduce supply.

Local leaders say more regulations on the oil and gas industry would be a burden that could slow down production and reduce supply. However, the EPA’s action is discretionary, meaning there is no law requiring the EPA to make the designation official, and that the president has the authority to stop the EPA’s rogue action. State representative Brooks Landgraf says there’s nothing to prove that Texas is in danger.

“The fact is that EPA doesn’t even have any air quality monitoring station set up in Texas so they’re not even trying to figure out what the what the reality is for the quality of our air here in Texas” State Representative Brooks Landgraf, District 81

As the threat of losing work looms. The oil and gas workers association is working to secure, grow, and sustain american oil & gas jobs and fighting for american workers.

The association works with lobbyists, attorneys, consultants, and educators to advance the image of the oil and gas industry and represent American workers on legislative and regulatory issues that impact our jobs.

“The Permian Basin powers the nation, fuels the world, keeps America running, and so this administration is weaponizing agency’s and really trying to crush not just America workers but the entire oil and gas industry” Matt Coday, President and Founder of Oil and Gas workers association. If the Biden administration allows this to continue this could have a huge impact on West Texans.

“If they shut down the oil and gas in the Permian Basin all that’s going to do is drive production to demand in places like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, all countries that don’t have nearly the high environmental standards we have in Texas and the United States. So by shutting down the Permian basin you’re actually going to be contributing to more greenhouse gas emissions, carbon emissions by forcing production to dirtier producing parts of the world” Landgraf

If President Biden does not direct the EPA to stand down, the next step of the redesignation process, according to the clean air act, is a notification letter sent to the governors of texas and New Mexico, creating the opportunity for affected states to provide feedback. The EPA then has to wait at least 240 days before a final redesignation decision can be made.

Next month Landgraf is hosting a committee meeting hearing for the environmental regulation agency where he invites the EPA there to show him the data of how bad air quality is here in the Permian Basin.