Demolition begins on Water Wonderland

Published: Sep. 15, 2022 at 12:14 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Water Wonderland off Business 20 in Midland is being demolished.

CBS7 was there to see crews in action as they tore down parts of the park.

The waterpark has been abandoned for over a decade. Most West Texans remember it as a waterpark back in the 80′s.

At its peak, the park featured things such as a zipline where park-goers would free fall into the water, bumper cars and a wave pool.

Now it will be torn down to make way for commercial properties such as possible office space. But for those of you that are sentimental about the old waterpark, there is some good news involving that iconic blue slide.

“They had us help them tear down the slide and some other parts of the waterpark part of the slide will be relocated and reused and refurbished,” independent contractor William Sewell said.

Sewell also mentioned that being part of tearing the park down got him and other crew reminiscing about going to the park as children.

“There’s a backhoe operator next to me he said he’s having the privilege of what we used to enjoy playing in now he’s tearing it down and turning it back into salvageable equipment,” Sewell said. “I mean dirt and cement and fill in some holes to make it usable land again”

While there are some cracks in the slide the parts are still salvageable and Sewell and his team are working hard to make sure the slide relocation goes smoothly for a new generation of waterpark fun.