Midland Bar and Grill opens after a year of being part time

Published: Aug. 30, 2022 at 6:26 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -After a year of searching for employees, The Brokenhorn Bar and Grill in Midland is finally able to open full time.

Although it is a bar, there are plenty of West Texas activities for everyone.

If you ever want to merge a farm and a bar, the Brokenhorn in Midland is an example of what it could be.

The 15 acre land is both Joseph Urias home and workplace.

Urias says they struggled to re-open after they were shut down during COVID.

Even when COVID restrictions were lifted, he said it was difficult to hire employees because of the location.

“It’s just a process that you have to do. Especially now a days you can’t find help. It’s hard to find help with COVID and all that, and to be safe at the same time,” Urias said.

All the buildings, entrances, and fencing was built by Urias.

His wife, Holly Jackson, says she thought her husband was crazy for wanting to open a bar and grill on their property, but she supported him all through the way.

“Months, every night building this place for a long time, and he’s put a lots of hard work and sweat and tears into this place,”  Jackson said.

He also made a small boutique for his wife to sell clothes.

The Brokenhorn hosts events where kids can do Mutton Bustin, goat roping and family rodeos.

It does cost money to enter these contests, but they do have a cash prize if you win.

They also have live music by local musicians, but that’s not the only thing they do to support West Texas.

The venue is no stranger to hosting fundraisers, some benefit cancer patients.

They were able to raise over thirty-thousand dollars a couple of months ago.

Urias father had cancer and passed away in 1996, he says that motivates him to help the community.

“When things like that happen it’s unfortunate, but everybody knows somebody who’s had cancer. Which runs in the family and it’s just a really unfortunate thing that we cannot control, but we do like giving back to people like that,” Urias said.

Urias says what separates him from other bar and grills is the size of his restaurant.

He also says he wants to have a welcoming bar and grill to show customers their West Texas hospitality.