Odessa woman starts nonprofit to help people with cancer

Published: Aug. 24, 2022 at 5:58 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -An Odessa woman’s battle with breast cancer gave her the idea to start a nonprofit that helps people like her.

“Bee Loved” supplies women and men with wigs for patients that are going through chemotherapy.

Penny Robertson began bee loved this year after going into remission.

Roberts has been a hairdresser in Odessa for over 44 years.

Even while she was going through chemotherapy, she still managed to go to work everyday.

Roberts says that Bee Love’s main goal is to be a support group for men and women that are affected by cancer.

When Bee Loved began, they had 42 wigs, now they have over 60, but Roberts says they didn’t have a space to put them.

The Faith Fellowship Church knew of what she was doing and decided to help her and now she wants to give back.

“You know, I’ve shared my story and now it’s time to put back into the community what you’ve taken out and this community has been amazing for us,” Roberts said.

Gifts of Hope in Midland, is a non-profit organization that supports to cancer patients.

They helped Roberts when she was diagnosed, and even now, they send patients to Roberts who may need a wig or a support group.

Pastor Becky Hand, of the Faith Fellowship Church, says she’s known Roberts for years, but didn’t speak to her for a while.

They reconnected after she heard of Bee Loved.

“She is so full of energy and bubbly and this idea is great. I was just telling someone today I would not have though to ever do anything like this, but she’s been there done that and all the women in this group have so,” Hand said.

Roberts was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer back in 2017, and her family was the biggest reason she was able to go through all the pain.

She says she’s now feeling good after her last procedure, and says that she hopes to help any cancer patients in the future.

Bee Loved is constantly serving residents of both Midland and Odessa, and Roberts says an organization like this is a must need in the Permian Basin, not just for wigs, but also for support.

If you would like to contact Bee Loved you can find them here.