West Texas veterans attended a funeral today for a veteran that had no family

Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 7:03 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Today a funeral was held for a veteran in Midland who had no family but didn’t leave alone.

John Thomas Strachan was 86 years old and served in the United States Army from February 1962 to August of 1962.

Even though Strachan had no family in attendance, West Texas veterans showed up to make sure he wasn’t buried alone.

Taps was played by the West Texas Patriot Guard Riders.

They conducted a flag line for Strachan.

Strachan had many health issues throughout his life and passed away from kidney failure.

Strachan’s friend of 20 years, Glen Miller, says he and John had a strong relationship.

“He had some medical issues that popped up. I put handicap rails on and take him to the doctor, we had our morning ritual where he’d call every morning around 8:30 and say hey I’m ok,” Miller said.

The last time Miller spoke to Strachan, was in their morning call, the day he died.

Friends weren’t the only people in attendance for Strachan.

Danny “Ductape” Morriss never met Strachan, but made the 3 hour drive on his motorcycle from Central Texas to say goodbye to Strachan.

“We got word that he didn’t have family that they can find so it’s just friends that are going to take care of his funeral. They took care of most of that and we got with some of the other people and other organizations to get all the expenses covered,” Morriss said.

Strachan is from Wisconsin, and got a English degree from Hillsdale College in Michigan.

He then moved to New Mexico to publish Navajo Indian books where he would market them to schools.

He then moved to Midland to retire.

Diana Miller is Glenn’s wife, and she says Strachan would’ve been amazed with today’s ceremony.

“Oh my gosh, he would’ve been just blown away by the people being here, by being honored by the military , by taps, by the flag,” Diana said.

The ceremony was held at American Heritage Funeral, and over 50 people were in attendance.

Today, Miller had a final message for his good friend Strachan.

“I miss him. He was a good friend and I miss our morning phone calls in the morning and going by to visit him,” Miller said.

Miller and his wife had the honor of being Strachan’s next-of-kin and they say they’ll cherish the flag for the rest of their lives.

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