The Attic Foster Network is making a change for Foster Families

The Attic Foster Network is making a change for Foster Families
Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 4:31 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -A non-profit in Midland dedicates its time to helping families that take in foster children and making sure the families always have exactly what they need to take care of these kids.

The Attic Foster Network was founded in 2016 by Matt and Jen Waller out of a need to support foster families in the Permian Basin.

Right here in the Basin, over 500 children are in the foster care system. Just last year the attic helped over 1100 children and families. The Attic helps out with anything a foster family might need, such as diapers, strollers, and clothes.

When you are a foster parent a child can be put into your care at any given moment and the attic always makes sure you are prepared.

We met with Shauna Todd the Executive Director for The Attic and talked about how this organization started and how far they’ve come in just 6 years.

“Initially, as a Facebook group to share items such as car seats and things amongst foster families. and then they realize the foster crisis was so much greater than they initially realized. So they realize her a lot more can be done and that’s when they expanded” said Shauna Todd, Executive Director for The Attic Network

The current issue of fostering in the Permian Basin is overwhelming, as nearly 90 percent of kids who are fostered have to move away from their hometown, and around 60 percent of those kids move more than 100 miles away.

“The numbers are staggering for foster care families in crisis right now, and right now 89% of kids who are removed from their homes in the Midland, Odessa, Permian basin area removed outside their home county because they’re not enough foster families to keep them here in our area,” said Todd

We also spoke to Maddison Bacon of Faith-Based and she talks about how great it is to know that no matter at what time they as an organization needs help, they know the attic will be there.

“Knowing that there’s someone you can rely on in the community to step up to get those needs for your family to help in whatever stage of service you’re in is huge for us as a Department and as a community is very important,” said, Maddison Bacon Faith-Based and Community Engagement Specialist for CPS

If you or anyone you know who is interested in helping out with fostering and have questions The Attic will be having a Q & A on September 13th from 6:30-8:30 in the evening at Mid Cities.

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