Chevron creates website for the people of the Permian Basin

Chevron creates website for the people of the Permian Basin
Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 5:20 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Chevron launched their Permian proud website yesterday which highlights the Permian basin and all things good with it

Permian Proud is highlighting the region’s past, present, and future as a vital supplier of the oil and gas that enables human progress.

The online publication will showcase and uplift the achievements and efforts of locals, organizations, companies, and industries of the Permian Basin.

Whether it’s sports, or events in the industry. Chevron is offering more than just energy now.

The new launch of their Permian proud website is set to offer everyone from West Texas out to Southeast New Mexico.

With stories about the Permian Basin and the highlights of the community.

“It’s a digital initiative that is elevating the Permian region as a whole. Showcasing the good work that the communities and neighbors of ours who live here do on a daily basis and really showing the outside impact on the Permian makes the world of facing ever-increasing energy demand” Catie Matthews, Public and Governor Affairs Advisor

Part of Chevron’s mission is to showcase the history of the Basin and to show off not just what’s currently happening here, but also talk about our past and what’s in store for the future.

“You know Chevron, we’ve been here since 1925 so we understand the unique history and characteristics this region has and we think it’s important to showcase some of the heritage in the past and we will,” said, Matthews

The Permian Basin is full of so much history, especially during World War 2 and the contribution that the people here played during the war with the airfield.

And that’s where part of this inspiration came from to highlight everything well with the Permian Basin.

“The people who live here have contributed so heavily before to this world and they’re contributing so heavily now and that’s important and we want to showcase all of it,” said Matthews

Chevron plans to always have the latest news up so that people can stay up to date.

You can stay up to date here.

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