Where and how to dispose of solid waste in Midland

How and where to dispose of solid waste in Midland
Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 1:48 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -There is some confusion amongst City of Midland residents and businesses about where to dispose of solid waste.

The city is having an issue with independent landscapers disposing of their solid waste in the resident’s Citizens Collection Center.

“So, if we see multiple times a week typically that’s going to be a landscaper because as a resident were gonna trim or trees maybe once a year so we just don’t want that site being abused,” said Jeffery Ahrlett, Director of Solid Waste.

Ahrlett says if you are getting paid to do a job, such as cutting down trees, you have to pay to dispose of the waste at the landfill on Garden City Highway.

“It’s the independent landscapers they’re charging for disposal and then going to dump it for free so we’re trying to combat that,” Ahrlett said.

The collection center located on Smith Road is for residents only and serves as a convenience for residents to throw away large recyclables such as furniture, appliances and tree limbs.

Ahrlett says the collection site is not designed for commercial waste.

“It would overwhelm the site our sites are not designed for that quantity its designed for small truck beds of limbs that’s what its designed for so anything more than that should go to the landfill,” said Ahrlett.

The city considers commercial waste any job you’re paid to do, including yard work.

Even if you want to throw away any of the same appliances as residents, if you’re a commercial business it must go to the landfill.

And a garbage haulers permit is required to haul garbage within the city and to dispose of it at the landfill.

Ahrlett says they are keeping track of the people that show up at the collection center and will give a warning to any landscaper they see multiple times a week.

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