Midland and Odessa law enforcement recruits learn about gun safety

Midland and Odessa law enforcement recruits learn about gun safety
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 4:12 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Recruits from the Odessa Police and Midland County Sheriff’s as well as Fire Marshals were out at the Odessa Police Department Firing Range. Where they’ve been learning about gun safety and proper techniques

For the first time recruits from the Midland County Sheriff’s Office joined the Odessa Police Department alongside Odessa Fire Rescue Fire Marshal’s office in the Odessa Police Academy.

Where today’s class the recruits went into the field to show off their gun safety skills

For over 35 years Sergeant Carlos Chavez has been a part of the Odessa Police Department and today the 24th session of the Odessa Police academy students showed off everything Chavez taught them so far during their time with him.

“They’re learning firearm safety nomenclature, getting to fire a handgun, a shotgun, a rifle. Basically, it’s training them how to use their weapon safely and if they ever come across a situation where they have to use any of these weapons” said Carlos Chavez, Sergeant, Range Master for Odessa Police Department

We also met up with the students to hear why classes like this are so important, and talk about the recruit’s biggest takeaways from this course so far.

“Well, classes like this don’t just teach the basics of shooting. They teach more advanced techniques like going prone, crouching, walking, stuff like that all in the movement while you’re shooting” said Robert Torres, Odessa Police Department recruit

“What I learned the most is triggers. How to not be jerking the trigger on there just to be easy with it. That’s one thing I learned the most about it. Pretty much surprising yourself with the shot was real big engraving with us” said Nathan Sanchez, Odessa Fire Rescue Fire Marshal’s Office recruit

The 11 students who are in the class all passed today and have moved on to the next course.

Once they pass the program, they will graduate from OPD’s academy in September.

After the recruits are finished and have passed this current class their next class will involve more advanced guns such as a lethal shotgun.

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