Threat of sickness grows as new school years starts in Permian Basin

As the new school year starts for students in MISD and ECISD the threat for germs and diseases are greater for certain students in the district
Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 5:24 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - With the new school year starting this week that means kids are back in the classroom after being out for the last couple of months.

However, the kids not being around each other while in a small room means the chance of germs spreading is greater.

Whether it’s a new grade or new school, kids haven’t been around each other in a small room since May, and going back to classrooms can expose them to germs and other diseases that spread fast.

A new school year can be filled with lots of excitement for kids as new adventures await them.

However, when a new school year starts kids are once again exposed to illnesses.

Dr. Daniela Onzures at Pedicare Children’s Clinic says it’s common for kids to get sick early on and there are ways parents and teachers can prevent kids from getting sick.

“It’s just because our defenses are starting to rebuild back up starting at school. We’re not in enclosed proximity during the summer hours as we are in the school. We’re now close to our classmates and teachers. There’s also not a whole lot of personal space involved all the time so we just get all those germs and get more highly contagious because of that reason” Daniela, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for Pediacare Children’s Clinic.

Not all kids are the same when entering the school year. Kids who have more experience in the school system have built up an immune system to germs and diseases. Where some kids who have just started, may not.

“So just because of the immune system. Depending on if we had exposure in daycare vs school that has a huge impact on building up the immunity. If we didn’t go through the daycare then we kinda get that sickness from the beginning of the school years early on through the early on ages through the years” Onzures.

As always for even adults, taking care of yourself is most important whether it’s washing your hands or even coughing into your arm.

“So, practicing good hand hydration is always important whether at school or home or anywhere we’re at. You wanna make sure we’re teaching kids hand washing and all that really good technique and when we’re away on the go hand sanitizer” Onzures

Onzures also mentions that if your kid is feeling too sick make sure that they stay home, and aren’t touching a lot of things where the germs can spread to either their siblings or even mom and dad.

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