Permian Basin Young Guns locked and loaded for new season

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 7:45 PM CDT
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MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (KOSA) - As kids in the Permian basin return to school, it also means they’re returning to extracurriculars.

But one local youth organization is starting off the school year by celebrating its summer.

“You hear all these things about kids and guns,” said Arnold Menchaca, the head coach for Permian Basin Young Guns. “It’s a little different here.”

So, while most kids are celebrating back-to-school season, a select few 4th through 11th graders are celebrating back-to-the-range season.

For ‘Young Guns’, that means displaying some new hardware.

“This year, we had a squad come in first in rimfire pistol optics and second in rimfire pistol,” Menchaca said.

It’s a big accomplishment for a little non-profit whose pistol program is only two years old, and it’s being propelled forward by a bevy of young marksmen with attitudes.

Josh: What are you doing here?

“What am I doing here? I’m practicing,” Lucas Bland joked.

Bland won first place in the rimfire pistol irons category at the Scholastic Action Shooting Program Nationals in late July.

“So, there’s a bunch of steel plates and you shoot ‘em as fast as you can,” Bland explained. “And you make sure you hit ‘em.”

But it might be Alyson Battreall who is the program’s biggest star.

“Yeah, we have one little girl right now who shot 1.13 (seconds),” Menchaca said.

“That stage, I was shooting about a 1.18,” Battreall corrected.

Josh: So, what’s considered fast?

“That,” Battreall said.

Also on the senior team is relative newcomer Zane Ice, who CBS7 interviewed last year. Now, all that winning has him talking smack to his opponents.

“They think we’re the best,” Ice said. “They’ve heard of us all around. They know who we are. They want to try to beat us, but it’s not gonna happen. Not while I’m here.”

And so, as the school bell rings, so too does the timer for these Young Guns.

“I plan on shooting for the rest of my life,” Bland said.

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