Odessa staple is making its way out to Midland

Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 5:23 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - One Odessa restaurant is expanding and serving up the community out in Midland.

Almost everyone in Odessa knows the restaurant’s curbside bistro and Chef Alejandro Barrientos.

Recently though, the chef has brought his cooking back over to midland for the first time in years.

Before curbside was ever at its current location off of Andrews Hwy Chef Alejandro started in his food truck serving people in Odessa, Andrews, Monahan’s, and Midland.

“We always get people from Midland that come to Odessa and are like when are you coming to Midland and at least open up a food truck. So we have a lot of support already from Midland. And it’s always been on the back of our minds trying to find the perfect place, the right staff, that way we can afford to go to Midland” Alejandro Barrientos, Co-Owner and Chef of Curb Side Bistro.

We caught up with a local in Midlander and told us what he expects to see if curbside opens up in Midland.

“There’s gonna be a lot of happy faces. I mean everyone knows his name and so they know his food and what he can do. So it’s gonna be a hit and a blockbuster hit whenever he does a brick and mortar in Midland”, Jorge Hernandez.

If you follow Curbside on Facebook you saw earlier this week that they were out in Midland and the reaction from their post was overwhelming.

“It’s amazing the love and support that we get from Midland. When we posted on our Facebook we got a huge reaction. People shared it and like this is amazing, we’re super excited. It’s very humbling and overwhelming with the love and support from the community”, Barrientos.

Everyone who loves curbside you did hear that correctly, Chef Alejandro does plan on opening up a 2nd location and it being over in Midland at some point in the future.

So keep a lookout on his Facebook page for not just when the food truck will be out there but also when he finds the perfect location to open up.

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