Non-profit organizations help out cancer patients

Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 5:24 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -A non-profit organization called Cleaning for a Reason, is helping out cancer patients nationwide by cleaning their homes.

They have several cleaning companies that help them clean homes and one of them is in Midland.

What started off as a phone call between a cleaning company and a cancer patient, turned into a non-profit organization that has extended to all parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Midland Housekeeping Inc. is a participating business that offers their services to Cleaning for a Reason.

The president of Midland Housekeeping, Julieann Windham, says cancer patients aren’t just physically exhausted, but also mentally.

“So you’ve got a patient who’s really sick, has a house that their passionate about, and they love.” Windham said.  “But they can’t do the things to keep the house up. That affects somebody mentally,”

Debbie Sardone, who’s the founder of Cleaning for a Reason, says that she started this non-profit after a woman with cancer couldn’t afford her cleaning services.

Afterwards she got the idea to turn her services into a nationwide non-profit organization.

She says the services they provide give their clients a sense of control over their household.

“We’ve had numerous patients tell us, that it was the first time since their diagnosis that they actually felt like they were back in control,” Sardone said.

Something both Sardone and Windham mention is that, cancer patients are extremely exhausted after the procedures they go through..

Even something as small like sweeping, mopping, or washing clothes can exhaust patients.

Sardone says one of her patients had no idea an organization like this even existed.

“She said it literally changed her life when she realized that there were people she didn’t even know that would come in and scrub and clean and dust and vacuum. And do it completely for free,” Sardone said.

Cleaning for a Reason has served over 44 thousand patients nationwide and in Canada.

Midland Housekeeping has helped clean peoples homes in West Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Windham says she wants to expand her business by getting more employees.

Both Cleaning for a Reason and Midland Housekeeping Inc are looking for employees and volunteers.

If you or a loved one want to sign up to get house cleaning or volunteer, here’s the link to Cleaning for a Reason and Midland Housekeeping.

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