Bold porch pirate in Odessa

Porch Pirating over in Odessa
Published: Jul. 22, 2022 at 6:12 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - One individual in the Odessa area has been caught on camera stealing packages off of people’s front steps.

According to US Package and Wrapping LLC, the state of Texas ranks 8th in most packages stolen back in 2021 with an average of over 1000 packages stolen each month across the state.

Here in Odessa just this year the Odessa Police Department has dealt with 19 porch pirate cases with 3 alone this month.

Whether it’s FedEx, Amazon, USPS, or UPS right now here in Odessa someone is going around here and stealing packages off people’s front steps.

Porch pirates are nothing new, but this week Odessa Police have received an uptick in reports, specifically about one woman with red streaks in her hair taking packages.

We were able to catch up with an Odessan who had a package stolen from them...

The couple lives off of a mission drive in Odessa and says the experience has been difficult for him and his fiancé.

“We had some packages on our front porch that they nonchalantly walked up to like they owned the place. Took them off our doorstep, no urgency just strolled away like it was no big deal.” Jason Hewett

This isn’t the first time this nice neighborhood has been the victim of the woman seen in the videos.

“This neighborhood person has done this several times throughout the last week or so. We’re gonna expose her.” Hewett

“We caught up with the Odessa Police Department and learned how these trends happen and the signs to look for if it happens to you.”

“When it happens it is consistently usually by a certain person and until they get caught someone else starts doing the same thing so it can be hit and miss.” Detective in Property Unit, Yolando Madrano

Multiple reports have been made in connection to the woman taking packages off of the front steps to OPD.

OPD also suggested some of the best ways to keep your packages safe are to install smart cameras in the front of your house and even make friends with neighbors so they can hold the package safely until you get home.

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