Crime in a Odessa Neighborhood

Crime in an Odessa Neighborhood
Published: Jul. 21, 2022 at 5:16 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Over the last several months one neighborhood in the Odessa area has been dealing with notes being left on their cars and then being broken into.

People living in the 3600 block of Springbrook Drive have often seen bible verses left on cars, but that acts as a mark for people to come to steal from the car later that day.

These notes left on the cars are anywhere from saying God said it, you can take that to the bank, believe that, to, God controls the weight, the time, the size of your burden.

“So recently we have received multiple reports of auto burglary and attempted auto burglary in the area on the 3600 block of spring brook. They’re going around in vehicles pretending to leave flyers when in reality they’re checking vehicles out seeing which one they can come back to and later burglarize.” Crime Prevention Officer for Odessa Police Department said Steve LeSueur

OPD and local neighborhood watch are doing everything they can to find the people responsible for this but can use your help.

“If anyone has any photos of the suspects or suspects’ vehicles, especially their license plate, they’re encouraged to send it to us,” said LeSueur

Some concerned citizens in the area have posted messages on the next-door app letting other locals in the area know about the crimes, one local saying.

“I don’t think y’all are understanding. This individual is pretending to be doing a good job to look INSIDE your vehicle and possibly mark them to see if you use the vehicle. If it’s still on in the evening, you likely don’t pay attention enough to that vehicle which makes it an easy target. I love God, just be aware some have gone out into the world to deceive.”

It has also been confirmed some of the messages are not bible verses, some are song lyrics including artist John Mayer’s famous song “Waiting on the world to change”

OPD suggests you always remember to make sure that your car is locked and that there is nothing valuable inside the car.

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