Bubbas 33 donates part of its earnings toward Odessa residents surgery

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Published: Jul. 19, 2022 at 6:19 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Last night, Bubbas 33 in Odessa held a fundraiser for Melanie Rubalcado’s heart surgery.

Bubba’s donated 10% of its earnings last night to help pay for Rubalcado’s procedure.

From 4-11 in the afternoon, whether it was pizza, hamburgers, beer or wings, a percentage of that went to Rubalcado’s surgery.

Rubalcado was diagnosed with graves disease in January, which is a thyroid disease that can cause a whole list of problems.

Unfortunately for Rubalcado, it came with some heart problems.

She says she has to stay calm and deal with this condition.

“I’ve been ok. I still have flutters everyday, I still have to take medication three times a day, I mean just a lot of flutters everyday.” Rubalcado says.

During a trip that Rubalcado took in January, she felt a bit off.

She felt dizzy and her legs were swollen so when she was taken to the hospital, her heart rate was at 200 beats per minute.

After her heart rate went down, she spent four to five days in the hospital, most of which were in the intensive care unit.

“Yea it’s scary because anytime we deal with any bodies heart, it’s very scary. We’re hoping that the surgery she has helps her.” Rubalcado’s aunt, Michelle Dominguez says.

Bubbas local store manager, Mariah Diaz, says that events like these are available for anyone in the community who may need help.

“Melanie’s family reached out to me and they told me about her situation and so I was really interested in trying to help out. Especially for the cause it was for.” Diaz says.

Rubalcado’s surgery will cost around $50,000 and even though she hasn’t reached her goal yet she’s confident that the money will come one way or another.

Rubalcado says that little things like laughing sneezing, taking deep breathes and even just sleeping trigger her heart rate to go up.

Although she still has a long way to go before getting the money she needs for her surgery, Rubalcado says that her friends, family and co-workers are contributing to her surgery.

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