Midland ISD hires Emergency Management Coordinator

MISD hires new Emergency Management Coordinator
Published: Jul. 18, 2022 at 6:51 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -The Midland Independent School District hired an Emergency Management Coordinator to prioritize student and school safety.

This new position is responsible for student and campus safety.

To prevent things like crisis situations, natural disasters and more emergencies that could happen. Tim Allen has the experience in safety training from his previous jobs.

Allen is a texas a&m graduate who spent nearly 32 years in the U.S. Army Reserve. He’s also spent the last years working with the department of homeland security.

And now he says that he can’t think of anything as important as protecting students and staff.

“Things that I can bring to MISD for school safety is a lot of preparation, training, exercise, planning,” Allen said. " A lot of things that i’ve done throughout my career.”

Allen will now be in charge of preparing MISD schools preparedness plans and trainings required for staff students.

He is currently working on auditing safety procedures that are currently in place, one of which is the security of exterior doors in all campuses.

“We’re gonna review what we do into practice, and then internally part of the safety and security committee we’re gonna come up with how we can improve and make things better as well,” Allen said. “Always keeping in mind that we have a standard that we want to exceed.”

MISD says that Allen’s years of experience in the Army Reserves and Homeland Security made him the perfect candidate for this position.

Allen thinks this position should be a priority for other school districts.

" The fact that the district has brought on a full-time person, for an Emergency Management Coordinator speaks volumes about what the school board and the entire district thinks how important that the position is,” Allen said.

Allen also says that his position would benefit not just students and staff, but future emergency management coordinators. To see what works and doesn’t work in safety training or drills.

When Allen was asked how he felt about being the first person to be in this new position, he jokingly said no pressure.

But says that he’s excited and looking forward to getting started.

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