Animal shelter warns pet owners ahead of fireworks

Animal shelter warns pet owners of holiday weekend.
Animal shelter warns pet owners of holiday weekend.(CBS7)
Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 5:33 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Fourth of July is a busy holiday for animal shelters. The fireworks and loud noises can bring chaos for dogs.

Pet owners should be aware the loud celebrations during the holiday weekend can be terrifying for dogs and lead to a spike in runaways.

“It scares them and dogs go crazy they may break through windows and doors and I don’t think people realize how much it terrifies some animals,” Odessa Animal Shelter Manager Kelley Hendricks said.

Fourth of July brings fireworks and loud noises.

Hendrick’s says that can mean chaos for both pet owners and the shelter.

“Take care, watch your animals, keep them inside, especially if they have anxieties,” Hendricks said.

The loud noises lead to an influx of hurt or runaway dogs.

The shelter is cautioning dog owners to ensure their animals are in an enclosed safe space with the noise drowned out.

Hendricks says she puts her own dogs in a bedroom with the tv volume up so the dogs are sheltered from the loud bangs.

But concern is heightened as we head into the holiday weekend because shelters in midland, Odessa and surrounding areas are already close to being full.

“Were having to contend with all of them like this one right here she was one of eight or nine we got in and with those numbers we can’t keep up,” Hendricks said.

Hendricks says the shelter needs the community’s help and is asking for responsible people to adopt, especially this weekend.

The shelter currently has a $5 special for micro chipping available through Saturday which dog owners are urged to take advantage of in case something does go wrong.

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