CBS7 Small Business Summer: SisterDough continues to defy the odds

SisterDough has survived a pandemic, a store closing, and now wants to give back.
CBS7 Small Business Summer: SisterDough continues to defy the odds
Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 6:54 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Sugar, spice and everything nice. That’s SisterDough.

“We like to make everything Instagram-able.”

SisterDough’s colorful confections have quickly gained popularity since the small business was born in 2019, but the brightest treats in Odessa were created out of darkness.

“This is our story. Me and my children are survivors of domestic violence. We came out of a really bad situation. It’s not easy for women to leave a situation with kids and start over. So sometimes they stay in the situation because they have no choices but to stay. A lot of women die at the hands of their abusers. Thank God that we made it out safely,” owner and founder Priscella Garcia said.

Priscella Garcia had dreamt of opening a donut shop, but it was a split second decision to start on that first batch.

“One night, when I had been in my room all day because I was suffering. I suffer from anxiety and depression and it was a really bad time for that,” Garcia said. “I already had the stuff to make them. So I just got out of my room that one night, made some donuts, topped them with just basic cereal and sprinkles.”

And then, it was her son, who told his mother to sell her now famous donuts that night. He used the magic of social media, and then all of a sudden...

“He Tweeted it and it got so many retweets that night,” Garcia said. “From that night to midnight we were like, ‘oh we gotta go buy more Lucky Charms!’”

A business was born.

“We sold out.”

Since that fateful night, SisterDough has survived a pandemic, opened and closed and storefront, and adapted to what its customers need.

But they’re not done yet.

“I say SisterDough, at the moment, is in a transitional period. I ultimately want to get back into a building. I know we’ll find our right spot. It’s out there. It’s like the next chapter. And closing chapters and opening new chapters is what period in life I’m in.”

Another part of that next chapter? Not a business, but a foundation... to help other women start their own small businesses.

“We want to one day, hopefully this year, start our SisterDough foundation, so we can be a resource and help to women and children in need. And just let them know there’s more out there than what they think they’re worth.”

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