Mayor Javier Joven proposes a plan to fix future water leaks

Last weeks pipe break showed the city of Odessa how the aging underground infrastructure needs repair and Mayor Joven has a proposal to repair the structures.
Mayor Javier Joven proposes a plan to fix future water leaks
Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 7:05 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Mayor Javier Joven says that although nothing is official, the proposal is to issue a bond for water and sewer underground infrastructure.

The proposal would give the city the chance to find a solution to fix any future water leaks before they happen..

Mayor Joven says that the public should be given the choice whether it’s a priority or not in the upcoming ballot.

“The thing is that a bond gives us time to really vet what is necessary, what is priority. not opposed to putting any item on the bond for the taxpayers to decide. This gives them the opportunity for the community as voters to be able to weigh in on these decisions,” Mayor Joven said.

Another solution Mayor Joven talked about was a certificate of obligation.

Which allows government entities to issue debt without voter approval to fund a public project.

However, mayor Joven said this isn’t a solution he supports.

“I have been on record multiple times where i said i would not support CO’s unless it’s an emergency. This was a surprise emergency,” Mayor Joven said.

In the morning, Odessa water distribution workers got a call at seven in the morning about a water leak.

The leak was located on first and Hancock and the workers described it as a minor issue.

Residents in the area experienced low pressure for a couple hours.

Mayor Joven says that water leaks constantly occur but it shouldn’t be a reason to panic.

Although, a bond could cost citizens of Odessa money, Mayor Joven believes it’s a solution that will benefit the city in the long run.

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