Local political parties react to Roe v. Wade ruling

Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 10:10 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Elation.

“It’s a surprise but a grand one,” said Ector County Republican Chair Tisha Crow.

And Shock.

“I never anticipated it,” said Ector County Democratic Chair Hannah Horick.

People across the country are still processing the court striking down Roe v. Wade, including here in West Texas.

Crow has led the Ector County Republicans for over a decade. She says she didn’t expect to see the end of the 50-year fight.

“Not in my lifetime,” she said. “Maybe in my daughter’s lifetime, but I did not foresee this.”

Crow also hailed it as a victory for state’s rights, with the Supreme Court allowing each state to decide how to handle the issue.

“That’s what we have always believed the states should do,” she said.

Before the court’s opinion leaked over a month ago, Horick didn’t think she’d see this day come, either.

“This is regressive at best, if not an open invitation to attack individual rights across the board,” she said.

Many people might scoff at these notions. Horick disagrees.

“We have a trigger ban that outright bans abortion, and we have reps in the Texas GOP that want to have the death penalty as an appropriate consequence for people who have abortions and the providers who give it to them,” Horick said. “That’s not the Texas I want to live in, and it’s not the Texas that most Texans want to live in, and I’m confident in that.”

But the high court’s decision doesn’t end the battle over abortion. The battle just moves to the states.

“Everyone has a right to life,” Crow said.

“This doesn’t have to be the 1970s,” Horick said.

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