Odessa City officials lift Water Boil Notice

Published: Jun. 18, 2022 at 5:39 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - The city of Odessa’s main breakwater line impacted many families in the city of Odessa and earlier this afternoon officials gave the latest update regarding the water boil notice.

With running water flowing back into the city of Odessa, it left many residents questioning when the boil water notice was going to be lifted.

Today, officials gathered at city hall to inform the public that water is safe for consumption and other essentials.

“I’ve been involved in that area of town and the city since 1962 and it’s never happened,” said Ector County Utility District, Thomas Ervin.

A boil water notice went into effect for the entire city of Odessa earlier this week after a main water line breakage occurred, the pipe fracture all took place on the corner of 42nd Street and San Jacinto.

It left officials with no choice but to turn off the water in order to replace the valve.

In the process of it all, water pressure was necessary in order to recharge water throughout the city at the Ector County Utility District.

The Odessa City Manager, Michael Marrero, told CBS7 he expected all citizens of Odessa to have moderate pressure by Wednesday evening but there were guidelines in place before using the water.

“If you intend to use your water for the purposes of cooking or consumption, we ask that you boil that water first,” said Odessa City Manager, Michael Marrero.

Bacteriological sampling played a vital role in restoring the water, so the Texas commission on environmental quality indicated that water is now safe for consumption after a 24-hour test was conducted.

“Just keep it out of your eyes, keep it out your mouth, out of your ears. those parts that bacteria might be in the water, don’t get into your body,” said Ervin.

As of today, the director of public works and utilities for the city of Odessa’s results have brought back hope for West Texans.

“Fortunately, today our results all came back well and so we are pleased to be able to put people back on full service,” said Director of Public Works and Utilities, City of Odessa, Thomas Keer.

The new pipeline that was placed in the ground has a lifespan of about four hundred years

Tom Kerr also mentions that they have a plan in place to analyze the rest of the city’s pipelines to ensure they are up-to-date.

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