Odessa Animal Shelter receives help during water outage

Odessa Animal Shelter receiving help during water outage
Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 10:07 AM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -The people of Odessa aren’t the only ones struggling at the moment.

The Odessa Animal Shelter is also without water for the dogs and cats, both for drinking and for keeping the shelter clean.

Since the city is without water still the need for water is high for every living thing across Odessa to live comfortably including animals.

The Odessa animal shelter holds around 100 animals and is without water, at the moment the staff at the shelter are doing everything they can to make sure the animals are safe and healthy.

“We’ve kept the animals watered, the problem we have is we have evaporated coolers in these buildings and so we haven’t had the air conditioner that they normally have cause we had to shut them off to keep the pups from burning up. so we’ve had some rough times but we’ve kept the facility as clean as we can.” Animal Shelter Manager, Kelley Hendricks

The employees at the Odessa animal shelter have stepped up and have made sure the animals are ok.

“Well, we had people donate some water. We’ve used well water from employees’ homes with jugs.” Hendricks

West Texans have also stepped up to check in on the animals, and citizens and businesses donated water in this time of need.

“Some local businesses, The Darville Company helped us with some jugs of water, the Permian Basin Metal Lab Provided us with a water tout and the grand view vet clinic gave us 150 gallons of water.” Hendricks

Kelly says she understands the main purpose right now is getting the water back on for the people of Odessa

Any water donations are appreciated at the shelter to make sure the dogs and cats are ok since no one knows when water will be completely back and safe.

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