Be Excellent: Andy Mora

Updated: Jun. 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM CDT
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If you’ve driven down Lamesa Road near Hogan Park in Midland, you may have seen Andy Mora.

At his home on Shandon Avenue, he’s hard at work setting up shop nearly every weekend.

That shop is the 13-year-old entrepreneur’s leap into the world of business.

And of course, right behind Andy is his supportive family.

From his Stepdad.

“He’s one of a kind!” said John Ayala.

To his Grandparents.

“We’re very proud of you Andy!” said Ernest Ramirez, Andy’s Grandpa.

“We’re very happy for you and very happy for you,” said Isabel Ramirez, Andy’s Grandma.

They are all so proud of Andy’s initiative and drive to learn and grow a business at such a young age.

Family is important to Andy, who has nearly a dozen siblings and lives with five of them.

“He doesn’t really ask for handouts. He’d rather be out here mowing lawns, washing cars, selling snacks and drinks for the people,” said John Ayala.

While there Andy told me that he looks forward to working for himself as a business owner.

And by the way, selling snacks is not Andy’s first business.

“I was washing cars,” said Andy.

Power washing is something Andy wants to return to once he is old enough to drive and afford to buy his own vehicle.

And on top of this, during the school year, Andy balances his business endeavors with class work and being a son and brother at the same time.

“It’s kind of a lot for a young kid his age. But he handles it,” said Ayala.

A budding entrepreneur, who is making his family so proud.

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