Bush’s Chicken Has Major News

Published: Feb. 16, 2022 at 10:14 AM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -

Many of you have asked... where did bush’s chicken on Grandview in Odessa go?

CBS7 spoke exclusively with the Bush family, the Bush’s chicken family, that is!

Corey Bush, the son of Bush’s Chicken’s founder, says while several Odessa locations are closing, a brand new one is coming to 87th street in North Odessa.

The brother of Bush’s Chicken founder ran the Permian Basin restaurants for over a decade until he died two years ago.

Now, a new family member is in town to get the brand up and running again.

Corey Bush, owner and operator of Bush’s Chicken, told CBS7,

“We moved out to Odessa to revitalize this area, it’s kind of getting rundown, the Grandview location has been closed and sold to a convenience store, the Andrews location has been sold to a convenient store. My wife and I moved out here to re-up the brand. That’s what we’re looking forward to and it’s been fun, we love it here.”

the Grandview Avenue location is a hard loss for Permian High students nearby, who would walk over there to eat on their lunch break.

Uzziah Cardwell, a Permian High student, walked all the way over to the restaurant only to be disappointed upon seeing its shuddered doors.

He told CBS7, “It’s very convenient for me to walk to. I get a ride to school and then during my lunch time, I come to Bush’s or other locations but I love bush’s because their sweet tea and food.”

The love of bush’s on Grandview goes beyond just food however. A community was created between employees and Permian High students. Uzziah grew up with the employees at the restaurant, a loyal customer for four years now. It’s a bond that can’t be broken.

“I love the people. They’re kind. If you give them a hassle, they give you a hassle. It’s just how it goes. But they’re lovely people, I love this place, and I’m sad to hear it’s coming to a close.”

They even played protector at times

“They ran the place easily because one day, my friend and I, their parents started to get them, they started yelling at me. And then staff came outside and handled it. They didn’t have to do that but they did.”, continued Uzziah

However, while Grandview may be gone, there is good news for chicken lovers. A new location on 87th street in North Odessa will be open.

“We’re real excited about building the one over there on 87th street, we have a prototype store so it’s gonna be real great. As people learn we are still open, we are still in town, they’re gonna visit us. We just look forward to showing customers we have great service, great product and we look forward to serving everybody.”, Bush told CBS7

The existing locations will also be renovated for an even more welcoming feel. The estimated cost should be about 2 million dollars and all should be said and done in a year from now.

And if you’re not a chicken, you may want to cross that road if you’re looking for a job. Bush’s is looking to add 30 local jobs and are taking applications.

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