Odessa Police Department pays tribute to fallen officer

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Published: Feb. 6, 2022 at 10:29 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - This will now be the 34th anniversary that OPD has been paying tribute to Scott Smith and their team is standing together side-by-side to honor his service in the city of Odessa.

Exactly at sunrise, the Odessa Police Department’s honor guard placed a wreath for Scott Smith at the memorial statue on the station’s front lawn.

Scott Smith was 25 years old when he was responding to a burglary call and was involved in a motorcycle accident, thirty-four years ago.

Just two days after the accident, his wife found out that she was pregnant with their second child. He spent 6 months on life support moments before passing away.

The public was invited to the service for those who wished to pay their respects.

Chief Michael Gerke says that his remembrance will never be forgotten.

“We’re just here this morning laying the wreath in memory of Scott Smith who was an officer that passed 34 years ago and we will always remember his service to this department and to this community,” said Chief Michael Gerke, Odessa Police Department.

Many members in the community suffered the loss of smith and responding to the death of an officer is something that is never wished to see again.

“As a chief, that’s the worst thing that can happen, right. I mean is to get that call that one of your officers is down and hurt and possibly deceased. Absolutely the worst thing that can happen to you. Just to imagine, that has never happened to me. God, I pray that that never does, but just to imagine what the community went through. What the department went through. What the family went through when that happened because I have been here when we lost officers. It’s gut-wrenching,” said Gerke.

Working on the police force creates a bond unexplainable to others. Creating a brotherhood that will last a lifetime.

“It’s a bond. It’s a family. It’s a team that is really hard to explain if you’re not part of it, but it’s something that will last forever,” said Gerke.

The Odessa Police Department had Scott Smith’s wreath on display until sunset.

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