Safety tips to keep pets warm in cold weather

Safety tips to keep your pets warm
Published: Feb. 3, 2022 at 7:59 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - With temperatures expected to stay below freezing for a couple of days, it’s important to bring pets inside or make sure they have shelter.

“When you start thinking about the pets and your dogs, cats, where are they? Are they okay, have you checked on them, do they have water that isn’t frozen, do they have food and shelter where they can go in order to get out of the cold?” said Dan Corrales, Midland City Council at Large member.

The City of Midland Animal Services has a few tips to keep pets safe and warm. If possible, try to bring pets indoors and place bedding away from any area with a draft.

Pets should only be allowed outside for short periods of time during extreme weather conditions and when they come back inside check for snow or ice on their paws that needs to be removed.

If pets are outside,  the City of Midland said pets must have access to adequate shelter to get out of the elements according to new state law requirements.

“Just because an animal may have some fur doesn’t mean that they can withstand freezing temperatures and if it goes below freezing even worse. They still need shelter, they need a place to get out of the cold,” Corrales said.

Corrales said make sure pets have plenty of water that is not frozen. Additionally, using straw as a bedding source or heat lamps can be helpful to keep pet beds warm and comfortable while outside.

“Make sure they have food, they have water, shelter from the cold and if you have them tethered up make sure it is not a chain and make sure it’s within distance where they can get in from outside the cold,” Corrales said.

To report an animal in unsafe conditions call the Midland Police Department non-emergency line at (432) 685-7108.

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