A new business in Midland is aiming to uplift women before hitting the big stage in their first pageant

Published: Jan. 30, 2022 at 9:28 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Model Haus is a new company in the Permian Basin and their goal is to set up women for success before hitting the big stage in their first pageant.

The owners of Model Haus currently hold a title for Miss West Texas and Miss Permian Basin.

They want to give back to the community by sharing their expertise in the industry.

Their workshops featured training on how to do your own makeup, hair styling, and proper walking etiquette before stepping out in the spotlight.

There was a fee of forty dollars to participate in one class and it was sixty dollars for the entire workshop.

A co-owner of Model Haus says that she wanted to open up her very first workshop to women of the ages thirteen and up.

“We didn’t want to limit ourselves to only a certain age group because that’s not what pageantry is about. We basically just wanted to create the pageant workshop to allow anybody who’s thinking about going into a pageant the opportunity to really see what it takes,” said Mackynlie Conklin, co-owner of Model Haus.

There is a lot of pressure when it’s time to get ready for the big day and training towards a title requires practice.

“Pageants can become very intimidating if you don’t have the right person to teach you all this stuff, so that’s why we’re here. It is very fun to make these classes. The interview can be very scary, so us talking about how you can go from this or, you know, what to talk about, what to expect during pageants. That’s what we do,” said Gladys Ornelas, co-owner of Model Haus.

Model Haus is geared towards uplifting women in West Texas who wish to grow within pageantry.

“That’s the biggest thing with Model Haus is that we want to uplift women and there’s nothing like that every single girl in the Permian Basin we have wanted to come and join our pageant workshop because we see potential in every single person, no matter their size. No matter their height. Their skin color. Whatever it may be. We want to uplift them and show them that they are beautiful no matter what,” said Cocklin.

For more information on Model Haus or updates on their next workshop, click here.

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