Ohm Connect Energy providing service in the Permain Basin

Ohm Connect Energy providing service in the Permain Basin
Published: Jan. 26, 2022 at 6:38 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - After power outages last year cost Texans thousands of dollars, a new retail electricity provider, Omh Connect Energy, is giving Permian Basin residents a unique opportunity to capitalize.

During high-demand events, like a heatwave or a winter storm, Ohm Connect Energy sends an alert to conserve energy.

“A lot of time you’ll get notices from ERCOT saying you need to cut back because we got high demand, or scarcity, or shortage generation, while we pay our customers when they do that,” said Don Whaley, president Ohm Connect Energy.

President Don Whaley says it works by receiving a calendar invite of the event, a text five minutes before it starts, a text after, and then an email of how much you’ve earned.

“We set a baseline for the expected usage of that time of day, based on your usage. Then when you save, we reward you with points that turn into dollars that you can cash in on an Amazon credit card, you can get a PayPal or you can get a discount off your electric bill with us,” said Whaley.

The Houston-based retail electrical provider says residents in the Permian basin could save 10-15% off their annual bill and even more if you connect smart home devices.

“We can turn your thermostats up and down, we can turn your smart plugs on and off if you give us access to them,” said Whaley.

Ohm connect energy says its mission is to be a part of the solution by incentivizing customers for helping to balance electrical grids.

The company launches all across Texas on February 8th, however, Permian Basin residents can sign up now.

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