Spectrum of Solutions: New name but same mission

Spectrum of Solutions
Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 3:11 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Spectrum of Solutions was started in 1959 to empower people with developmental disabilities in Midland.

“We’re excited to provide group home services for adults with developmental intellectual disabilities. If we didn’t have these facilities, these individuals might be institutionalized or might even be homeless,” said Kayla Minchew, the Executive Director of Spectrum of Solutions.

Minchew said the previous name was MARC, but it was time to change that.

“That ‘r’ word is not a word that is used medically anymore, it is used as a slur word and it’s harsh and hurtful and so we have decided to distance ourselves from that word,” Minchew said.

As of January 1st, the non-profit changed to Spectrum of Solutions. While the name changed, the mission has not. According to Spectrum of Solutions there are over 23,000 individuals in the Permian Basin who have been diagnosed with cognitive disabilities. The organization serves as a therapeutic epicenter for the West Texas region.

Minchew said they serve around 200 individuals in the community and they want their name to be a reflection of what they do.

“We want to use a name that represents more of what we do and so we are here to help our community and support our community and therefore Spectrum of Solutions,” Minchew said.

Spectrum of Solutions offers a wide range of services and therapies for kids and adults. Some of the services include, residential programs, vocational options and daily enrichment programs. Minchew said they want to provide an environment that feels like home.

“Our individuals that we support are very special to us and so we want them to have a life with dignity and respect,” Minchew said.

Minchew said they always welcome volunteers. You can find more information here.

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