Trial Update: David Wilson is pleading not guilty to the murder charge

Officer Nathan Hayden Heidelberg was responding to an alarm call in North Midland when he was...
Officer Nathan Hayden Heidelberg was responding to an alarm call in North Midland when he was shot and killed. David Charles Wilson was charged and arrested in connection to shooting.(KOSA)
Published: Nov. 30, 2021 at 7:54 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Opening statements began Tuesday in the murder trial of David Wilson, who’s accused of fatally shooting Midland Police Department officer Nathan Hayden Heidelberg to death.

It was an emotional day in the courtroom, as witnesses were called, and evidence was explained to the jury.

In the opening remarks, they tasked the jury with deciding whether or not David Wilson acted reasonable, ordinary, and prudent in defending himself in the situation.

Wilson’s defense team presented their opening remarks saying 39-year-old David Wilson’s life background, his family, and why they believe he had to act in self-defense to protect his family.

In the state’s arguments, they showed over twenty photos and bodycam footage recounting with happened that night officer Heidelberg and trainer Victoria allee responded to Willson’s home for a “pull over door alarm”.

The jury watched Allee’s bodycam footage capture them arriving at Wilson’s home, finding his front door to be unsecured, and also the moment officer Heidelberg was shot after announcing Midland Police, “come to the sound of my voice.”

Allee was one of six others who were sworn in as witnesses today.

She testified to the jury in court that she believes they did everything to identify themselves before Heidelberg was shot.

Willson’s defense team argued that both officers failed to identify themselves within the four minutes of camera footage showing Wilson’s front door opening and closing.

Since the trial is still going on there’s no word of what time the court will resume tomorrow. Wilson is pleading not guilty to the murder charge, but if convicted he faces up to ninety-nine years or life in prison.

Before opening statements began, Judge Tryon announced inside the courtroom his intentions on pressing forward hard to wrap up the case, preventing any further delays.

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