New business coming to Midland that teaches kids to code while building their own video games

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Published: Nov. 12, 2021 at 4:40 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - There’s a new business coming to Midland that teaches kids to code while building their own video games.

It’s kind of a win-win for kids and parents. Kids get to play some of their favorite video games while parents get to see their kids learn an important skill.

Code Ninjas uses popular video games like Minecraft and Roblox to teach kids to code, build video games, and have just a little bit of fun in the process.

With technology already a huge part of our daily life, Jaclyn Gaona, the owner of Code Ninjas Midland, says she wants to introduce the younger generation to all the possibilities that come with learning to code.

“It’s such a big part of everything we do now that it will just benefit children, in the long run, to have a good foundational knowledge of coding as they enter into their careers and their next steps,” said Jaclyn Gaona, the owner of Code Ninjas Midland.

Code Ninjas is for kids ages five to fourteen.

In the program, children will get to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and stem skills in a fun, safe and inspiring environment.

“Use what lights them up, use what they already want to be engaged in, and find that way to teach them and to reach them,” said Gaona.

There are different camps, workshops, and afterschool programs for kids to learn and grow their coding skills and become better code ninjas.

“There will be a belt system. So, they will start in a white belt and after they gain a certain level of mastery, they graduate to a yellow belt, then orange belt, and so on,” said Gaona.

Gaona says this will be a place for the kids who love to use critical thinking and problem-solving in a unique way.

Code Ninjas is set to open next year, but until then you can stay up to date by going on their website and filling out a short form that will add you to their email list.

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