West Texans celebrate Halloween at Mission Dorado Baptist Church

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Published: Oct. 31, 2021 at 11:24 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Mission Dorado Baptist Church saw quite the turn out this Halloween bringing in nearly 1,500 people at their Trunk-or-Treat event. A huge increase from years past.

The event was canceled last year due to the pandemic, but when the opportunity came around, they seized it.

For one family participating in their first Halloween event with the church, it was a new experience they got to share together.

“This is our first time actually participating, decorating our trunk and everything. We are not used to, I guess, Halloween, because we are not from the U.S. so for my kids that grow in this culture so I feel like it’s nice for them to have you know, this experience and to learn what Halloween is”, says Charaldin Celis, a member of Mission Dorado Baptist Church.

Experiencing the different ways the spooky holiday is celebrated may come as culture shock but now Celis’s kids get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

“We don’t get to do that back home. I’m from Venezuela so we actually don’t celebrate Halloween. We do more like carnivals. We get to dress up so it’s kind of fun but it has nothing to do with Halloween so I guess now they have a part of both cultures and enjoying doing both things at the same time”, says Celis.

Not only was this event family-friendly but it allowed parents with busy work schedules to come out and spend quality time with one another.

“It’s great to see people dressing up because to me that’s kind of people reembracing getting out, you know, you could certainly come out and do this a lot more lazy way and just show up for the candy but these people don’t. They came out and dressed up and you know I think that’s really great to see them embracing the holiday”, says Jake Baccus, the Deacon officer for Mission Dorado Baptist Church.

Setting time aside to give back to the community makes the experience quite humbling.

“We love to give back. We love that opportunity because not everybody has the chance, you know, and if we have the chance to give just a little bit back why not,you know, so I encourage everyone to do the same because it feels really good”, says Celis.

Be sure to mark your calendars because Mission Dorado Baptist Church plans to throw another Trunk-or-Treat event next Halloween.

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