Halloween party at abandoned water park

Halloween Party at abandoned water park
Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 10:23 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - It’s spooky season, so one might think of corn mazes, haunted houses and hayrides,but what about a water park?

Hundreds of people gathered tonight at the long-abandoned Water Wonderland for a scary Halloween bash. The Lozoya family brings the party to the Permian Basin every year with their annual halloween event. After missing last year because of COVID-19, they were ready for this year’s celebration.

“We have a haunted house entrance, three live DJ’s, and a live performer, two live performers, we added one more,” said Reine Gosseck, the event coordinator and entertainment director.

Water Wonderland has been abandoned for 18 years and the Lozoya family bought it with plans to return the water park to its former glory until the pandemic changed that.

“Then COVID happened, so plans changed a little bit, so what we are going to do for now is host these big events and give people something to do,” said Julio Lozoya, ……..

Riddled with graffiti and abandoned water slides, it already feels spooky and scary and therefore, the perfect place for a Halloween bash.

What should people attending expect?

“Expect the unexpected. Wear a costume, have fun with it, nobody is too cool, nobody’s too old, wear a costume, go out, paint your face, do something fun,” Lozoya said.

The Lozoya’s have thrown a halloween party for the past five years but only recently brought the party to the old Water Wonderland. They said this is a great way to get the community together for some fun.

“Gets everyone in the holiday spirit, showcase our beautiful bartenders. We do a lot of work out here in the Permian Basin so we are excited to show everyone what we got,” Gosseck said.

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