Project Appleseed returns to Midland after six years

Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 7:49 AM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Ready. Aim. Fire.

Students participating in the Project Appleseed rifle clinic got the hands-on experience they needed on the basic training of shooting out to 500 yards.

The class intertwined the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and the history of the American Revolution to help reacquaint participants to their freedom.

For one lifelong shooter, being able to take part in the class helped him look at the bigger picture out on the range.

“I’m really interested in the revolutionary war and some of the fantastic accomplishments of our Founding Fathers. I wanted to hone my riffle shooting skills more so I came to high power and competed in high power. This was the classroom and the laboratory setting for high power and to hone those marksmanship skills”, said Jay Stephens, a student at Project Appleseed.

The class was filled with students of many ages and seeing children absorbing their educational experience and applying it out on the line of fire was the best takeaway for one educator.

“My personal favorite thing is having kids on my line. I love how they feed off of each other’s energy. I love how they light up when they understand what they’re being taught. All of a sudden everything clicks and it’s like the clouds part and the heavens shine in and then they understand”, says Traci Fuller, the clinic director of Project Appleseed.

No matter how far an instructor has to travel to teach a class, rest assured you can count on them to get you set up for success as safely as possible.

“The instructors were extremely commodious. I mean they were very wonderful to come out of town from Tyler, from El Paso and they were just fantastic and very knowledgeable, so I always appreciate that. I don’t want to stop learning and this was a great learning tool and a great thing to do over a weekend”, says Stephens.

The next Project Appleseed event in Midland has not been set, but you can head over to for more information on their scheduling.

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