Odessa couple hires sculptor to build a replica of their 1952 Ford truck

When it comes to collecting classic cars, some car owners will do just about anything to keep the era alive.
Published: Oct. 17, 2021 at 9:51 AM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -When it comes to collecting classic cars, some car owners will do just about anything to keep the era alive.

That’s what one couple in Odessa did by hiring a sculptor to build a stone truck completely made out of granite.

Just down Lamplight lane in the Shiloh Estates lies a man cave at the Moore Ranch.

It holds classic cars for one West Texas Street Rod Association member by the name of Clay Moore.

Something seemed to be missing on his land and the idea of having a replica of his 1952 Ford truck came to mind. There was a lot of planning involved before going on board with this project.

“My husband has collected classic cars for some time and we had been talking about building a special building for the cars to be housed and friends of ours kept sending us videos of stone trucks with waterfalls telling us that we needed to have that in front of our house and so long story short my husband connected with the artist through his website”, says Sara Moore, a Shiloh Estates resident.

Miller used 47,000 pounds of granite and added the exact measurements of Moore’s Ford with the help of his crew of course.

Now that the stone truck stands tall today it is a new showpiece on the ranch for guests to enjoy.

“My clients Clay and Sara who win the prize for being the most delightful clients I’ve ever had and all of their neighbors came in, you know, this really attracts a lot of attention, so all the neighbors came in and all the different family members came in and people came to visit it and everything. just to see their reaction to it, it’s quite something. It becomes a real landmark. People say there’s this stone truck there and you see people drive by and slow down and they get out and they look. it’s pretty cool”, says Chris Miller, the sculptor from Chris Miller studios.

Rain or shine or in this case a snowstorm. The weather did not stop miller from completing the project. It was all hands on deck to bring the vision to life.

“It was an experience for a whole entire family to be involved in this. We all had our input and it was a challenge to get through because actually, it was probably a year-long project with the building and the cars and the fountain and the landscaping. It was just nearly a year-long project. we’re just very fortunate to be able to enjoy this as a family”, says Clay Moore, a Shiloh Estates resident.

Moore is the fourth client to get a stone truck by sculpturist Chris Miller.

Miller says he’s only making 10 total.

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