Bynum School students raise $250 for Tom’s Coats drive

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 2:21 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Students in Midland are helping those in need of coats this winter.

A group of nine students from Bynum School raised around $250 to buy coats to donate to Tom’s Coats for Kids drive.

Why the generous spirit?

“Basically some kids lack coats so we are doing this just in case they get cold but if they don’t have jackets who knows what will happen, they might freeze or get cold or turn into an ice cube,” said Preslee Escamilla, a student at Bynum.

The class has been raising money by making and selling popcorn. Their teacher, Christie Campbell, says they’ve been working hard.

“They create the order forms, we print them out, they sort them by class, they deliver them to each one of the classes, they count the money once it comes in, realize how much we have and how much we can actually spend on whatever project we decide to use it for,” said Campbell.

Jacob Padilla, a senior at Bynum, says it means a lot to him to be able to do this good deed and give back to the children and families in the community who may be struggling.

“It means a lot to these people that they don’t have very good homes or not enough money, but to me I think it’s just very kind and helpful and caring,” said Padilla.

On Wednesday the class took a trip and bought 18 coats for girls and boys before delivering them to CBS7.

Campbell says she loved seeing the excitement her students’ faces.

“They also realize that this community gives so much to us and how important it is for us to give back to them. So they’ve done so amazing, I’m so proud of them.”

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