Texans gather for a tattoo and barber competition at the Midland Horseshoe

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Published: Oct. 10, 2021 at 8:45 AM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -The 6th annual West Texas Tattz and Fadez convention held over 160 vendors working to bring the ultimate tattoo art experience for West Texans.

Vendors had the option to participate in a tattoo or barber competition throughout the weekend.

For one tattoo artist, winning first place in yesterday’s competition was all about bringing the trophy home to his shop.

“During covid, it was hard because we had to skip out the convention because of covid so coming back, you know placing, just being part of the convention and to win an award to take it back to the shop is what i’, doing it for”, says Hector Mancha, a tattoo artist from Evil Ink Tattoo.

After meeting many clients over time, practice led to perfection.

“It’s been 10 years so man when I look back at my old work and the progress that I’ve made over the past 10 years, I love it, dude. my work. I take pride and joy in my work”, says Mancha.

He even had some help.

Mancha’s friend volunteered to participate in the tattoo competition to help him win the gold.

“When I look back on this I’ll just remember our friendship and being able to trust him to do this and obviously winning the whole competition”, says Quinn Tinley, a friend of Hector Mancha.

Tattoos are more than just ink and competition. It’s all about the art.

“That’s what I like doing about tattoos because every tattoo has a meaning. I mean it can be something simple or something big, you know, there’s a story about every tattoo. even if it’s a fun tattoo”, says Mancha.

“You just learn a lot from a person, you know, whether they’re going through something you can show all of that artistically through whatever you’re doing and bring it to life”, says Eric Scott, a tattoo artist participating in the convention.

Not only did the convention bring diversity by having multiple industries taking part in the event, but it allowed vendors to connect with clients on a personal level.

“Any time anyone takes home Yeezy’s and it’s their first pair I can relate to it because that’s one of my favorite pairs and I barely started getting into Jordan ones. it’s just pretty awesome getting them their first pair. some people come in here not knowing anything about them”, says Yiara Ortega, owner of Hypebox Kicks.

Being able to find a passion in your career is what counts when you want to take part in helping the community.

“This is is an industry that a lot of times we get stereotyped for a lot of things but in reality man, we’re hardworking people and we love to help one another. we get a bad rep sometimes but it’s really a great industry to be in, man. if you know how to handle it and work it well, it’s a good career”, says Josh Brito, a barber from 432 Barbershop.

Carrasco says that if you missed out on today’s event, you can still catch the convention on October 10th from 12 pm through 10 pm.

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