Fans left frustrated, angry after Steve Aoki concert that wasn’t

Hundreds of people showed up to see Steve Aoki perform on Saturday Night at the Hacienda
Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 6:18 AM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - The Hacienda was packed Saturday night with concertgoers hoping to see mega-DJ Steve Aoki during his first-ever concert in the Permian Basin.

The only problem? Aoki and his gear never made it on stage.

Now, furious fans are demanding answers and refunds.

Anna Salazar and some friends had bought tickets to see Aoki and Maluma back in March, then waited patiently for six months.

“Six rolls around, nothing happened. 6:30 rolls around nothing happens,” Salazar said.

But that patience wore thin Saturday night at The Hacienda when they encountered a wait of another kind.

“We’re waiting. We’re waiting. Nothing’s happening. At this point, it’s, like, 10:30. Nobody has told us anything. We haven’t heard anything that’s happening,” she said.

Salazar and others peppered event staff for answers but got nothing.

Believe it or not, Aoki was at the Hacienda but never made it on stage. He took to Instagram to apologize to his fans.

“Sorry, guys. I really wanted to play this show,” Aoki said, rolling down a car window. “As you can see, I’m leaving. They didn’t have my stuff set up. I, literally, waited until the last second before I’d miss my flight.”

So, what exactly happened? Well, that’s not entirely known. Fans weren’t able to get information out of the staff. A spokesperson for The Hacienda declined to comment when reached by phone.

Angel Sanchez’s wife and child were among those waiting to see Aoki. Sanchez used to work on events like this, but even he was stunned at what went on Saturday night.

“As far as it lagging that long? No. Never, never have I ever seen that happen,” he said.

“Everyone was all sad,” Salazar said. “Like, literally, people went just to see him. Some people don’t even know who Maluma is.”

The only bright spot? Aoki said he’s willing to try again.

“I’ve never played in Midland-Odessa, so it was an exciting one for me to play,” Aoki said. “I’ve played Texas a bunch. I love Texas. I love my fans out there. So, I’m sorry you guys couldn’t see the show.”

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