Close to half million bees removed from home

Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 9:46 AM CDT
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PHILADELPHIA (CNN) - One Pennsylvania couple spent $12,000 in order to remove close to a half million bees from their home.

The Weavers said they knew there were bees in the walls of the 150-year-old farmhouse they bought near Philadelphia in December. The previous homeowner disclosed it in a note.

That didn’t bother the Weavers too much.

They said they didn’t see any bees and weren’t too worried. And then spring came, and the hives once again became active.

The Weavers turned to a general contractor and beekeeper, who says he relocated about 450,000 honeybees to his farm.

He also said the previous homeowner had called him for a consult but couldn’t afford the cost of moving the bees.

The lesson for home buyers is, no matter how good a deal on a property appears always get it inspected.

The Weavers admit they should have done that.

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