Midland Co. residents cleaning up damage after storms roll through

Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 4:03 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Some Midland County residents were left in shock after seeing the damage caused by Sunday’s storms.

Thunderstorms rolled through the area on Sunday evening, causing damage to homes and leaving thousands without power.

According to Oncor, as many as 3,700 households were without power at the peak of the storms.

Now, several of those homeowners are spending the day picking up the pieces.

“We were watching the Doppler radar because we’ve had some previous storms in the past, and it was in a horseshoe-shaped from east south and west, and as we watch the Doppler, it’s starting to close in like a doughnut, and as soon as that happened the winds picked up, hail was blowing in, rain was going sideways.”

Todd Welch, who lives in the Sunridge Ranch Estates, says he’s in disbelief from the damages the storms caused.

“We heard the crash where it literally picked up the outdoor gazebo cover and put it in the pool.”

A place that held family gatherings torn to pieces by the storm.

“Our house got struck by lightning back on Memorial Day weekend, and our first thought was, ‘Oh no, here we go again, what’s going to happen this time.’ And then, literally within the next five or 10 minutes is when the worst of it hit.”

Welch says he has started filing a claim with his insurance company and estimates the damages to be in the thousands.

“We are going to start demoing the part that’s over the pool to go ahead and get it completely out-of-the-way. Something like this right now, not including really though the outdoor barbecue stuff, granite countertops it’s about $80,000.”

Some good news: Welch’s family and pets all made it through the storm safe and sound.

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