Dunn family private investigator claims Scurry County law enforcement stalled Shawn Adkins arrest for years

An arrest has been made more than 10 years after Hailey Dunn went missing from her home in Colorado City.
Published: Jun. 15, 2021 at 5:46 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 10:58 AM CDT
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COLORADO CITY, Texas (KOSA) - More than ten years after Hailey Dunn went missing in Colorado City, Shawn Adkins, the man who was dating Dunn’s mother and lived in their home back in December of 2010 when she went missing, has been arrested and charged with her murder.

Every year that’s gone by since Dunn’s death, West Texans have been waiting for closure to find out who killed her all those years ago.

However, a private investigator who’s been working for Dunn’s father believes the answers have been clear long before this week.

When Dunn first went missing in December 2010, Erica Morse went searching for Hailey.

“When I went home that night,” Morse said. “I just changed clothes and started looking for Hailey and it didn’t stop until she was found.”

Then for her killer.

More than a decade later Adkins is behind bars charged for killing his then-girlfriend’s daughter.

However, Morse isn’t exactly relieved by the news. She’s angry because she thinks the case should have been open and shut years ago.

“Clint Dunn and I were both told that when Hailey was discovered—when Hailey was found—that Shawn would be arrested,” Morse said. “That was in 2013. The day after she was positively identified the Scurry County District Attorney’s Office requested the case based off jurisdiction and they stalled it for seven years.”

In the six years since she started working on this case, Morse said she brought many tips to the DA’s investigator that she believes were never followed up on.

On top of that, she said there’s a key piece of physical evidence that was submitted to the DA’s office in 2018 that connects Adkins to the murder, but it wasn’t tested until recently.

“And lo and behold, the results were exactly as we expected them to be,” Morse said.

We called John McDaniel, an investigator with the Scurry County District Attorney’s Office, to hear his response to those allegations and he denied them. He said his office has followed tips and examined evidence in this case promptly since the investigation began.

So far, an arrest affidavit for Adkins hasn’t been released, so at this point we don’t know what evidence lead to this arrest after all these years.

Adkins was picked up in Big Spring and has been transferred to Mitchell County where he’s being held on a $2 million bond.

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