Ector County Cemetery works to repair graves sunken in by storm

Published: Jun. 1, 2021 at 8:13 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -

After the rains stopped pouring and the clouds parted, Odessans checked on loved ones at the Ector County Cemetery and were shocked by what they found.

“And we’re really surprised cause we really didn’t like what we saw,” Josefina Rascon said.

Rascon and her family came to visit her father, Jesus, and were struck to see his grave in such bad shape.

The dirt had collapsed all around the grave site nearly exposing the casket.

“For me it kind of felt sad,” Rascon said. “Cause I felt like you can almost see them. For me it feels sad to see the graves almost dug down.”

Throughout the cemetery dozens of other grave sites collapsed too and a few headstones had tipped over.

The cemetery director said the graves that were dug recently can’t handle sudden flooding, so there was nothing they could do to stop this.

“We try our best to fill them up as we can but whenever it rains heavily,” Juan Garza, a maintenance worker, said. “They all just happen all at once.”

Maintenance crews have been working hard all day to recover all the sunken graves with fresh dirt.

It’s been a long day for the five staff members tasked with the restorations, but they’re working as quick as they can to make this right.

“We’re going to try to catch up on everything,” Garza said. “Just have a little bit of patience with us.”

That patience has already been rewarded for the Rascon family.

Not too long after we talked to Josefina, Jesus’ grave had been restored.

Although she and her mother were wiping tears over the grave site, they both said they feel much better now that Jesus is resting comfortably again.

As for everyone else, the staff said should be able to fix all the graves within the next few days.

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