Grandmother killed in hit-and-run leaving church on Mother’s Day

Published: May. 11, 2021 at 12:20 AM CDT
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POSEN, Ill. (WLS) - Police are searching for several suspects after a hit-and-run involving a stolen vehicle that left a 62-year-old grandmother dead on Mother’s Day.

Annette Odneal, 62, was leaving church Sunday afternoon in her SUV when police say a driver in a stolen Dodge Charger slammed into her vehicle at a high rate of speed. Odneal, a recently retired nurse, was killed.

Her husband, Obie Odneal, is heartbroken.

Annette Odneal, 62, was a recently retired nurse and devoted member of her church. She is being...
Annette Odneal, 62, was a recently retired nurse and devoted member of her church. She is being remembered for working tirelessly to help others.(Source: Family photos, WLS via CNN)

“My kids, my son, my daughter and my grandkids, she won’t ever see them grow up and be grown… It’s horrible. It’s just horrible. They tore the family apart,” he said through sobs.

Home security video shows the alleged suspects ran from the scene after the crash. One of them was hurt and was being carried by the others. That injured suspect was apparently taken to a hospital then taken into police custody.

Annette Odneal’s family wants justice for her and to know why the suspects took off and left her to die.

“My sister was a loving person, and she always helped people. I don’t believe that she deserved for those guys to leave the scene like they did,” said the victim’s brother, Kenneth Williams.

Police are still looking for three other people involved in the crash. The stolen vehicle was recovered.

“I just hope you turn yourself in because really, you took somebody away from me,” Obie Odneal said.

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