Side Bar and Grill wins Downtown Odessa Best New Business Award

Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 6:27 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -The Side Bar and Grill Downtown Odessa’s 2021 Best New Business.

The owner, John Herriage, said it’s a dream to have opened a new place that brings more variety to downtown.

“I think Side Bar and Grill is a huge success downtown and a great accomplishment to get it open during Covid,” said Herriage.

John Herriage opened the Side Bar and Grill in October. Herriage wanted his restaurant to bring a unique touch, something only customers could enjoy at the Side Bar and Grill.

“We have a huge patio for outdoor dining, we have an open area patio, we have a covered patio, and we also have inside seating if we had some rough weather,” said Herriage.

Along with the nice outdoor scenery, Herriage said the Side Bar and Grill have some of the best dishes downtown.

“We do so many things from scratch. From our chicken, two or chicken fried steak. It’s hand-breaded which is super awesome,” said Herriage.

Downtown Odessa is grateful for everything John Herriage has done.

“In the face of Covid that was so hard and brave of any business to open and the fact that he not only opened but he’s really put so much out there for the community and invited people to come downtown to this great establishment we are really proud and very excited to have him,” said Alexa Moulakis, Downtown Odessa Event Coordinator.

Herriage said he’s really proud of his staff.

“A lot of it also is our staff, we have super friendly staff, they love taking care of our clients, we have some of the best customers,” said Herriage.

Herriage said he’s looking to continue to grow the Side Bar and Grill.

Coming soon, customers can look forward to live entertainment on the patio.

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