Odessa breaks ground on new fire station

Published: Apr. 15, 2021 at 9:13 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - North Odessa is experiencing explosive growth.

The brush is coming down. Homes are going up.

Jovan Subia moved to the north part of the city a year and a half ago. She is one of the thousands of people who call North Odessa home. But with the move away from the main part of the city comes problems.

In December, Jovan’s mother had a medical emergency when she slipped and fell.

“You know, my mom was having a bad day. She had a slip in the house, and when she slipped, she hit her head, causing a seizure,” she said.

The family called 9-1-1. According to National Fire Protection Association standards, time from bell to arrival at the scene should take no longer than five minutes and twenty seconds. Jovan said it took two to three times that long. But she’s not mad.

“We do live way out here, so it’s understandable,” she said.

Understandable, but not an excuse. Odessa fire rescue has taken steps to make sure wait times like Jovan’s will soon be a thing of the past.

The city broke ground on a brand new fire station in North Odessa on Wednesday, located within a quarter-mile of Jovan’s house.

Fire Station #9 is the city’s first new fire station since 1984.

“With us having the station here, we’ll have direct access to 87th, to Evans, to Rainbow, and those types of streets,” Odessa Fire Chief John Alvarez said. “So, we’re able to get there faster. I’m hoping the reduction in time will be about 40%.”

The 14,500 sq. foot facility is desperately needed. Jovan is happy to see it get built.

“Hearing news about them building a firehouse over here is great for us because there’s a lot of people out here,” she said.

Now, if the city can break ground on other important matters.

“Hopefully, a coffee house,” Jovan said. “Just hoping and praying for that.”

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